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Open Access publications

Since June 2018, we aim to publish in ‘fair’ or society-led open access journals as much as possible (see our Open Science page). Every year, we will summarise the Open Access status of our publications. We list the publications from 20161 onwards. This list does not include co-authored manuscripts for which the first and senior authors are from other labs (or papers written by lab members when they were affliated with a different lab). For each year, the area shows the proportions. Note that there might be an embargo for some Green Open Access papers.

  1. An analysis by the European Commission reveals that in 2016, 15.5% of Psychology papers were published via the Green OA route and 5.7% via the Gold route. Across all disciplines, 28% of Belgian papers were published via the Green route and 8.6% via the Gold route. These numbers were very similar in the UK (28.0% and 8.2%, respectively).